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Revolutionize Your Crypto Portfolio with Ignore Fud's Hold-to-Earn 4TOKEN

Introducing Ignore Fud A, a revolutionary meme token that supports DeFi and Blockchain innovations. Our project was created to help Coredao, Binance, and the cryptocurrency industry as a whole, and to encourage more people to adopt cryptocurrencies. We offer a community-centric meme ecosystem that provides a unique hold-to-earn experience, with exposure to a large and strong community of users from all over the world.

What is Ignore Fud ?

The official token of Ignore Fud is called ‘4TOKEN’, which is a community-focused meme token that forms part of the expanding CoreDao chain ecosystem. It is also a Hold-to-Earn Stablecoin that's denominated in $USDT.

Token Details:

  • Name: Ignore Fud
  • Symbol: 4TOKEN
  • Decimals: 18
  • Smart Contract: 0x98564e70c7fcc6d947ffe6d9efed5ba68b306f2e
  • Blockchain: CoreDao Chain
  • Circulating Supply : 24Billion 4 TOKEN
  • Max & Total Supply: 40Billion 4 TOKEN


Tax Info:

  • No Buy Tax
  • No Transfer Tax
  • DEX Sell Tax: 8%

Token Economics:

  • 40 Billion 4 TOKEN Total Supply
  • 50% = 20,000,000,000 4 TOKEN "Public Launch"
  • 40% = 16,000,000,000 4 TOKEN "Reserved"
  • 6% = 2,400,000,000 4 TOKEN "Ecosystem Fund"
  • 4% = 1,600,000,000 4 TOKEN "Airdrop + Marketing" (Release after Public Launch)

Our airdrop program has 10 rounds, with 160M 4 TOKEN each round. The airdrop is intended for community members who help promote and grow the 4 TOKEN project. It's also for marketing and influencers, CoreDAO community holders, top holders of various tokens such as BabyDoge, OKB, xBOW, SHIB, Onigiri Neko, and BNB, as well as all BHC/HPSv2 holders.

Deflationary & Burning Mechanism:

2% of Tokens are burned from Sell Tax
In the future, we will create utility and blockchain validator nodes, as well as other tokens that earn staking rewards. Some percentage of monthly revenue will be used to buyback and burn 4 TOKEN.
IGNORE FUD 4,000 NFT collections. All of the money generated from selling NFTs will be used to buyback and burn 4 TOKEN.

Use cases:

At first, Ignore Fud is a meme token, but in the future, we plan to create several use cases, including making a blockchain validator/staking node, creating an NFT marketplace with 4,000 Ignore Fud NFT collections, compounding crypto asset "vaults," and launching a decentralized exchange (DEX). We also welcome suggestions and ideas from our community.

We're proud to say that Ignore Fud is fully audited by Certik Audit. Additionally, we've partnered with Archswap, Billion Happiness, Core ID, Spoon, CoreDAO Daily, BSC News, Crust Exchanges, and much more.

Join the conversation and say hi to our community on Twitter, Discord, and our official website. Start earning with 4TOKEN today!

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