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BTS launches Film Viewer, a special collectible item for ARMY

 BTS surprises ARMY with a very special new gift, the boys encapsulated their best memories and will share them with ARMY through a vintage camera with various images of their history.

BTS launches Film Viewer, a special collectible item for ARMY

The K-pop group from the agency BigHit continues to promote the release of the new version of their album “BE”, with which they celebrated their GRAMMY nomination and their # 1 on Billboard. The guys did a project called “Curated for ARMY” and created the ideal room for their fans, but now they will share something much more valuable to them.

Through BigHit's official accounts, the agency revealed the first teaser for “Film Viewer,” a new BTS collectible item with which they will reveal some memories of the idols about their careers. Inspired by a vintage toy and as a metaphor for a glimpse into the past, the K-pop group wants to give ARMY a special gift.

The guys posted several tracks about this new project, some ARMY thought it was something related to some song or new merchandise. Each of the Bangtan members made a drawing, which they accompanied with some phrases in order to explain the importance of memories.


The Film Viewer teasers show doodles of the idols, Jimin and Suga only wrote phrases like “A pack of memories”, “Memories, something new and refreshing for people”, V drew a plane to refer to a trip.

Jin said that he wants to treasure the memories of him, J-Hope imitated the sound of a click and spoke slides, RM drew a kind of viewer and Jungkook ended up with a robot with the BTS logo. There is no release date yet, but the collectible gift has a black design with a purple lever.

Vintage film is a circular strip that contains miniature photographs that are broken down through the viewfinder, you only need to put it against the sunlight to be able to appreciate the images as if you were watching an old film. It is not known how many tapes it will have, the price or the release date.

ARMY shared their excitement on social media and they are moved that BTS will show them a part of their life that they can literally see through their eyes. A metaphor from the past about the history of the group that they can repeat as many times as they want, it is not known if there will be images of their debut, each of their musical eras, family or group photos, as well as images of their childhood, among others.

In addition to the success of their music and new merchandise, the idols have also triumphed in Korean entertainment with their reality show, learn the story behind BTS Run !.

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