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Maximize Your Profits with Verse Protocol: The Fast and Nearly Feeless DeFi Solution on Core Chain

What is Verse Protocol?

The Verse Protocol is revolutionizing DeFi by providing users with a rapid and almost feeless trading experience, giving them control over their finances and the opportunity to earn seamless $Verse rewards through exchanges. With impressive features and functions, Verse Protocol is set to make a significant impact on Core Chain in the following ways:

  • DeFi Yield Reborn: By participating in Verse's yield farming opportunity, users can earn higher returns than any other platform within the Core Chain ecosystem, thanks to multiple income streams for liquidity providers and veVerse holders.
  • Liquidity Governance Protocol: As the first ve(3,3) decentralized exchange (DEX) on the CORE blockchain, the Verse Protocol's governance authority comes from the Verse-Core LP tokens, which are locked as the native liquidity pool (LP) for Verse, ensuring substantial liquidity for trading and promoting price stability.
  • Robust Tokenomics: The platform offers bountiful liquidity pools continuously replenished with incentives to encourage participation and promote sustained growth, promoting long-term value creation for users.
  • Vote Whitelisting: VERSE token holders can vote and determine the allocation of VERSE emissions, receive trading fees and $VERSE auto-incentives for the selected pairs they vote for.
  • Create an Incentive: Pairs that include the cryptocurrency $VERSE will receive automatic incentives that increase with the quantity of VERSE in the pair, incentivizing more votes and creating a self-sustaining system.

 VERSE token holders can determine the allocation of VERSE emissions through voting. In exchange for their votes, they will receive $VERSE auto-incentives and trading fees for the pairs they voted for. These incentives encourage users to vote on the Verse platform and are automatically distributed to users who hold VERSE tokens and provide liquidity in pairs involving VERSE.

As more users participate in liquidity provision, there will be more VERSE available for distribution, which in turn will incentivize even more users to provide liquidity and vote on the platform. By providing these incentives, Verse rewards active participation and ensures the platform remains active and useful for all users.

Verse token has a maximum supply of 15,000,000, and its allocation is divided among various categories, including liquidity, future airdrops, marketing, ecosystem and growth development, team, burn, treasury, and presale.

Trading fees are distributed among Official Partner Pools, Main Core Pools, and Main Verse Pools. In these pools, Verse holders who voted for the pool receive 65% of the liquidity provided as claimable rewards, with the rest going to partner Treasury, $CORE investment Treasury, auto bribes to the pair, and sustainment treasury.

Verse has a roadmap for its project, which includes initializing the project, creating social accounts, launching v1 Verse protocol AMM DEX, enabling VP token staking, farms, and pool, launching verseMeta NFT marketplace, enabling NFT staking and reward pools, and improving Verse AMM DEX and the website's UI.

Verse Protocol is poised to make a significant impact, and the team is committed to implementing cutting-edge web3 features that contribute to the development of the Core Chain and protect the interest of the community.

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