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Launch Your Token with Ease on AlienPad - The Safe and Secure Protocol for Initial Token Sale

AlienPad is a revolutionary protocol that simplifies the process of launching your own Token and Initial Token Sale. With AlienPad, there's no need for coding skills. You can easily design and launch your Token by simply navigating through our terminal and clicking a few buttons.


We're proud to announce that AlienPad has successfully passed the audit by Certik, ensuring that our platform is safe and secure for investors. Our platform provides additional features to help you launch your Tokens, including assistance with listing on popular exchanges such as Sushiswap, CPunkswap, and Icecreamswap by locking your LP, and extra time check for Token.

At AlienPad, we strive to incentivize our users to continue using our platform. That's why we've implemented a farming process that drives project owners to launch with AlienPad over competitors. Top projects created on AlienPad will also be rewarded with AlienPad Tokens.

Our top priority is to provide a safe environment for investors using our Alien ecosystem. That's why we've implemented an anti-rug system to prevent potentially dangerous projects from using our platform. We want you to feel confident and secure when investing in crypto projects with AlienPad.

Our roadmap includes three phases, starting with team and market research, followed by UX/UI design app whitepaper and website launch on testnet, and finally, the official launch on Mainnet with ETH and CORE deployment, reward system, marketing, and partnerships.

  • Token Name: ALIENPAD
  • Token Symbol: $APA
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

AlienPad has a unique token distribution plan, with angle investors and partners receiving 20,000,000 tokens vesting over 48 months. Public rounds will have 130,000,000 tokens, with TGE at 50%, cliff of 1 week, and vesting of 2 weeks. Liquidity will have 1142,000,000 tokens, LP staking will have 550,000,000 tokens with vesting over 48 months, team members will receive 50,000,000 tokens with a cliff of 2 years and vesting over 24 months, marketing will have 88,000,000 tokens with TGE at 5% and vesting over 24 months, and airdrop will have 20,000,000 tokens with a cliff of 2 months and vesting over 12 months.

We also offer KYC services to ensure the safety of our investors. We've implemented a variety of features and tools to help you make an informed decision about whether a Presale is worth the investment. You'll notice that some projects have KYC badges next to their names, indicating that they've undergone our KYC process.

Furthermore, we provide audit services at the best cost in the market to assist projects launching on AlienPad. Our audit partners include Analytix Audit, expelee, and Vital_Block.

With AlienPad, you can launch your Token with ease, security, and peace of mind. Join us today on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and Official Website  and become a part of the future of crypto.

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