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10 Best tradehub 21 interior design

Hello All, in our previous episodes there was a huge demand requesting for us to publish a top 10 Best tradehub21 interior design.

Due to the immense demand, we decided to craft even better content and share it with you for 2021's design seats first episode but first, we would like to express our utmost gratitude to you.

Six months ago new Infiniti decided to explore starting a design channel the core vision of this channel was to share knowledge and inspire those who are in search of good and relatable design content and our aim was to boost the design scene today we are grateful.

This achievement has given us more encouragement and motivation to continue pursuing more interesting content for you hence why today's episode on design seat we will be revealing our top10 Best tradehub 21 interior design projects.

1. The vantage

A fair size 60 by 65 feet semi-detached home that is tastefully renovated into a grandeur masterpiece this semi-detached comes with five bedrooms in which one was turned into a hidden work studio high double volume void that is designed majestically gives the center of this home a robust statement large kitchen and a grandeur dining table makes this home a perfect space to cater for large family gatherings.

1. the vantage

2. Rousing Concerto

This project is a 4 bedroom three-story terrace house that comes with an astounding powder room, unlike most projects the living room is tucked at the rear side of the home facing the lakeside while the dining area is stately inviting you upon entering this Humber boat the master bedroom is tastefully designed with carpentry works which subtly hides a hidden door to the walk-in closet.

10 Best tradehub 21 interior design

3. Mon cherry 

Four thousand square foot five-bedroom penthouse that comes in a spacious layout instead of spending on cars and watches this client chooses to convey his passion and interest in his liquor and cigar collection with an exotic selection of exquisite marble works from all around the world and a tasteful selection of Italian designer furniture from leading luxury brands like polyform and classical, this project outlines the term luxury.

Mon cherry

4. Opulent 30

This 3 600 square feet five-bedroom penthouse overlooks the entire Petaling Jaya township the carpentry design of this project shouts details all over the place from the laser cutting steel details the rose gold trimmings and even the exquisite selection of marvel feature world.

Opulent 30

5. High Altitude 

A simple 1 800 square feet three bedroom apartment fully transformed into a successful bachelor pad a toy collector with a strong vision to turn his apartment into a man's cave with a dramatic touch the character of this home is loud and masculine giving a compelling memory to your first and last impression of the property.

High Altitude

6. break of dawn 

A 30-year-old terrace house that's transformed into a modern vintage home for a humble family of four the highlight to this property is this hidden home cafe that portrays the client's personality at its best a passionate individual who is a strong coffee lover. looking back at how the 30-year-old toilets would transform into this modern era toilets with top full cross ventilation.

6. break of dawn

7. Dream Lab 

This project is about a young couple that merges all their lifestyle requirements into a compact one-and-a-half-story home, smart usage of glass dividers to enlarge the impression of the compact rooms, and enhancing the correlation of each of those spaces together.  this project is a great example of clever space planning coupled with minimalist elements of interior design

Dream Lab

8. Mangata

A 20-year-old terrace house that was initially dark and gloomy transforms itself into a cozy and comfortable humble abode the kitchen is furnished with accessories that optimize the usage of the kitchen this two and a half story houses four bedrooms that would refine detailing to suit the client's lifestyle the new renovation exploits the capability of allowing ample natural lighting to penetrate deep into the center of the home.


9. Le Gris

This project has one of the best space planning changes that totally created a significant impact in turning this home into a more habitable home. the open floor plan makes interaction among the family more feasible the master bedroom has a smart home system integrated to enhance the quality and convenience for the owners the walk-in closet and the master bathroom are spacious and stylish giving an elegant and majestic touch to the entire bedroom.

Le Gris

10. Villa 14

This semi-detached home has an exquisite taste of elegance the kitchen design is extraordinary with thoughtful details embedded all around the space. a dramatic ceiling feature doesn't fail to conquer the visual perspective that gives a larger impression to the dining area that oversees the semi-outdoor patio. bedroom headboards that are rich with details that make the bedroom achieve an opulent ambiance, remarkable design can be realized in all shapes and sizes it does not need to be a large property nor it needs to be restricted whether it's an apartment or a landed property however with the correct portion allocated to spend for the renovation and certainly, thoughtful space planning and good design and idea development could definitely assist you with achieving your dream home.

10. Villa 14

 If you would like to read any of the above top 10 Best tradehub 21 interior designs you could refer to this article description column and that's where we listed all the 10 Best tradehub 21 interior design full articles for your easy wheeling do share with us your comments on which out of the top 10 articles is your favorite pick and we may consider doing a more in-depth article in regards to that project once again thank you for your support in making our 50 000 subscriber benchmark achievable we will continue to craft more inspiring contents to share with you.

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