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V unleashes new theories about the release of his mixtape

 BTS's V could be one step closer to releasing their first mixtape, ARMY is excited to find out about her solo work in 2021, and a new track sparked new theories.

V unleashes new theories about the release of his mixtape

The K-pop group BigHit enjoyed their break from the Korean New Year celebrations, but in a week they will release the new version of their album “BE”, which could promote the MV for “Fly to my room”. However, it seems that it is not BTS's only plan and V could enhance her long-awaited debut.

Through social media, ARMY expressed her excitement at the new possibility that Taehyung is preparing her mixtape and in the coming months he can make his release. Since last year, the idol confirmed that he was working on his music, even sharing an instrumental clip of his songs.

Since then, fans have waited for new updates on their projects, but it seems that BTS has other plans on the horizon for 2021, they assured that they will have a new MV, but there has been no talk of a group comeback or solo releases.

V Awakes New Theories About Its Mixtape

According to the Genius site, V's mixtape is so far named KTH1, but there is no release date or possible tracklist.

Fans think it could just be an update on BTS's future projects, but nothing is determined yet. Some expressed their emotion and wishes that V clarifies the process of his mixtape, as it is something they have long-awaited, in addition, his solo career is really promising, since he triumphed with "Sweet Night", the success of Bangtan not only it is individual, but is multiplied by its 7 members.

Genius is a platform where some song or album names are usually registered, but they are mere speculation and generally, it is not an official confirmation of anything, we will have to wait a little longer.

In addition to preparing his solo music, V also has great music memories and shared with ARMY a song that gave him strength during his childhood.

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