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Jungkook becomes producer of BTS's new song

 BTS will premiere their new song “Film Out”, the OST for the Japanese movie “Signal” and in which Jungkook served as a producer alongside the band Black Number.

Jungkook becomes producer of BTS's new song

The K-pop group ended the holidays for the Lunar New Year celebrations, the group is ready for their next music releases, which include the repackage of “BE” and the possible MV of “Fly to my room”, in addition to a new song.

Through the Japanese media, the trailer for the new version of the movie "Signal" was revealed and in which BTS is part of the OST with a new song titled "Film Out", the boys had already worked on a previous single called "Don't Leve Me" and now Jungkook will test his talents as a producer.

BTS is no stranger to cinema, they not only have their own documentaries, they will also have a drama based on their universe, and music has been able to be part of this artistic area, for which they were chosen to set the story of "Signal" to music.

Jungkook Produces New BTS Song

Through social networks, ARMY trending the phrase PROD JK to praise Jungkook's musical abilities in other branches of music, the idol was in charge of producing the song with Shimizu, from the band Black Number, he and our maknae worked on a demo and he suggested a melody change.

The song “Film Out” could be released on April 2, the day the film was released. BTS explained that the song is a very sad ballad that will make hearts cry, but it is a fascinating single and they hope to receive everyone's support.

ARMY shared their excitement and happiness for this new project, and they also expressed their pride in Jungkook, who continues to try new facets in music.


Another project that has excited ARMY is the possible mixtape of V, the idol has been working on his songs and a new view sparked release rumors.

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