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TWICE's Tzuyu is proud of her talent in languages

 Tzuyu faced various challenges before becoming a member of TWICE, from leaving her country, training for long periods, and even learning a new language while getting ready for her debut.

TWICE's Tzuyu is proud of her talent in languages

It has been 5 years since JYP Entertainment revealed the team we know today as TWICE, but these girls had already been training for a long time. Among the foreign members, Tzuyu has gained great popularity for her artistic abilities and her amazing visuals, but she also possesses a talent for languages ​​and proved that practice is the secret to getting better at any of them.

In her most recent broadcast on V Live she confessed that she has adapted very well to Korean after having used the language for so long, so now she also thinks in that language as any of the partners do. of her born in that country.

The Taiwanese native, she speaks Mandarin fluently because it is the language she grew up with, but not all members of her family communicate that way and some of them choose to use a Taiwanese dialect.

Tzuyu confessed that although she heard that language a lot as a child, she didn't learn to speak it because she didn't put it into practice, but she can understand it very well.

Tzuyu's advice for TWICE fans to learn new languages

The idol received some comments from fans who are learning Korean, so she shared her experience and an infallible tip. Tzuyu revealed that she didn't have the confidence to speak a language other than her own before, but speaking it a lot was key to improving and feeling more confident in her abilities.

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