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V confesses he tricked ARMY to give him a fun time

V confesses he tricked ARMY to give him a fun time

Taehyung returned to the Reverse and exchanged some comments with ARMY, but one post led him to recall a little lie he told the fandom when they were looking for ways to stay connected.

V is a big fan of video games and enjoys this pastime by turning to different titles that can be played on the phone or on the computer. For that reason, when the Among Us game began to gain traction last year, the BTS member had the idea of ​​creating a special room for his fans.

The singer shared the access code and the fans quickly filled the positions for the game of this strategy game, however, V was not present. QUE?

Recently a fan asked him if he had learned to play Among Us and the memories reached the memory of the idol, who confessed that when he created the room for a game he only expected that his followers had fun together.

I made a little joke on ARMY and told them to play it with each other

V shares his love for games with ARMY

Previously, Taehyung had already organized some game rooms through which he could have fun with his fans. For some time we saw him enjoying PUBG and on another occasion, he also showed his talents in Sudden Attack, so by mentioning the departure of Among Us many expected to meet him in the game.

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