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SHINee shows rebellious side in Don't Call Me teaser

SHINee shows rebellious side in Don't Call Me teaser

The boys of SHINee will return to the stage with 'Don't Call Me', a track where they will demonstrate a concept of rude and quirky boys. Check out the new teaser for the official MV!

After a long wait, SHAWOL from around the world will be able to see SHINee again in a comeback, the group will return with 'Don't Call Me', the title of their seventh album and the promotional song of the production.

Since the beginning of February 2021, SM Entertainment agency released promotional and concept images of SHINee for 'Don't Call Me', the styles of the photoshoots went from colorful to mysterious and dark looks.

Through SMTOWN's official YouTube channel, they released the first group teaser video for the official MV of 'Don't Call Me', apparently the song will have an interesting mix of musical genres and will show the power of the K-pop group.


Minho, Onew, Taemin, and Key captured attention in urban outfits, idols weren't afraid to show off their versatility with sparkly pieces and feathered accessories that they wore with a bad boy attitude.

The teaser was enlivened by the chorus voices of the members of SHINee, the extract from 'Don't Call Me' could be described as a fusion of Hip Hop starring clicks and applause. OMG!

SHAWOL took to social media with the hashtag #Dont_Call_Me, users expressed their excitement for SHINee's return and compared different images to get a complete view of the concept of the MV.

In addition, the artists were as guests on the show The Knowing Brothers, the MCs of the show asked them to spoil the choreography of 'Don't Call Me', the music played and they surprised the audience with powerful dance moves.

youtube image

The official MV for 'Don't Call Me' and the rest of the songs from the recording material will be released on February 22nd and will be available on various international music platforms. SHINee is Back!

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