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The official choreography for Life Goes On by Jin and JHope

The official choreography for Life Goes On by Jin and JHope

Bangtan Sonyeondan's J-Hope and Jin demonstrated their incredible dance skills with a video dedicated to ARMY, the K-pop idols presented a tutorial to dance in style to 'Life Goes On'.

In November 2020, the members of BTS presented the recording material 'BE', the comeback was marked by 'Life Goes On', the song captured the feelings of the idols during social isolation and sent a message of hope to their followers.

'BE' and 'Life Goes On' racked up thousands of accolades, entered the top charts and posted a fantastic number of sales, so much so that the boys will release 'BE Essential Edition', the new version of the CD.

Through the TikTok platform, J-Hope and Jin showed an excerpt from the official choreography of 'Life Goes On', each of the stars gave a fun style and special touches to the dance steps designed for ARMY.


On Bangtan Sonyeondan's official TikTok account, the artists surprised netizens with a new video. Apparently, Jin and J-Hope recorded the clip in one of their company's rehearsal rooms.

The BTS members did a mini dance tutorial for 'Life Goes On' with emojis that appeared on the screen for ARMY to follow in her footsteps. First, Jin acted cute, making gestures where she showed off her visual, Hobi followed with very original body movements.

The interpreters of 'Dynamite' continued the choreography of the song with steps as a duet, embracing themselves and finally, they held hands and walked around the place, the laughter of both was the ideal complement to the video.

ARMY reacted immediately, they showed their affection for Hoseok and Seokjin with likes, in the comments area they left messages of the good chemistry between them, other netizens proposed to perform a challenge with the choreography of 'Life Goes On'.

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