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TWICE's Jihyo and Chaeyoung compare their roles within the group

 Each member of a group fulfills a special role or assignment according to their talents or age, the girls of TWICE exchanged messages about being the leader and the youngest member of this team.

TWICE's Jihyo and Chaeyoung compare their roles within the group

A leader is not always the oldest member, but the person capable of listening to different perspectives and seeking the best for the group while guiding them with her experience. Therefore, Jihyo and Chaeyoung exchanged views on their roles through an interview with Sports Seoul.

Jihyo has learned from her experience as a leader, in addition to her role in TWICE, she is also the oldest among her siblings so she is familiar with the role of being in charge. According to her, this experience taught her to better organize her thoughts, since she is in charge of gathering opinions and finding ideal routes.

She recognizes that sometimes it is difficult to choose the alternatives that satisfy all the girls of TWICE, but fortunately, she receives a lot of support from her classmates.

The best thing about being TWICE's mankae

Chaeyoung revealed that because she is the youngest, the other girls tend to take care of her and always see her as someone cute, but her role not only has advantages because when they have to film or prepare materials individually, she is always the last for him. order of ages.

Both Jihyo and Chaeyoung are used to her role and feel comfortable with it, so even if they could switch roles they would rather not, but they showed their love and appreciation to each other for the good work they do.

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