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Jisoo gets a colorful new foodtruck on the set of Snowdrop

 BLACKPINK's Jisoo received a new purple coffee cart and snacks, the idol enjoyed the gift in one of the recording sets for the drama 'Snowdrop'. She finds out who sent him her gift.

Jisoo gets a colorful new foodtruck on the set of Snowdrop

2021 represented new opportunities for the girls of BLACKPINK. Jisoo will surprise fans with hers with her first lead in the highly anticipated Korean drama 'Snowdrop' that will premiere in the coming months.

Many people showed her love and support for Jisoo with details on the filming set of the drama. The friendship of the singer and Rosé is one of the most stable within the Korean entertainment medium, the idol sent a coffee cart so that her group colleague and her staff can enjoy hot duets and snacks during the recordings of 'Snowdrop'.

Kim Jisoo received a new surprise at the locations of the series, someone very special reflected her admiration and affection for the artist from the agency YG Entertainment with fresh and colorful detail. OMG!


Through Instagram, Jisoo posted a set of several photographs where she posed very happy drinking a blue drink, in the background of the snapshots she wore a huge purple food truck decorated with banners and phrases of encouragement for the vocalist.

The gift was sent by itMICHAA, a famous South Korean fashion brand that will launch the spring 2021 campaign very soon, the beverage cart raised the suspicions of BLINK, since the company will announce in a few days the new face that will promote the designs. Will Jisoo be itMICHAA's muse?

Kim Jisoo received the present with great emotion, in the front of the truck she was adorned with many flowers in white and purple that gave a special touch to the landscape.

Each of the wrappers for the snacks, cup holders, drinks, and items to complement her gifts had Jisoo's face with messages of support for her great work and dedication as an actress. The BLACKPINK member's photos amassed over 4 million likes. OMG!

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