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Jin pays sincere tribute to his pet with Bantani

 Bangtani, the mascot that the BTS singer captured in Curated for ARMY by Jin, is a tribute to the animals that shared great moments with him, who did the interpreter of 'Awake' remember?

Jin pays sincere tribute to his pet with Bantani

Jin is a huge fan of animals, despite his busy schedule, he is a responsible owner who cares for, loves, and protects his pets, the artist from Big Hit Entertainment has a special soft spot for puppies and the adorable gliders of the sugar.

In the past, the oldest member of Bangtan Sonyeondan took care of Odeng and Eomuk, two mischievous sugar gliders who were already part of his family, constantly posting selfies with the animals and revealing details of their daily life. Jin also took care of Jjanggu, a fluffy white French Poddle dog who captured the hearts of netizens with photos and videos of him playing and jumping all over the place.

Unfortunately, Odeng, Eomuk, and Jjanggu passed away and Jin gave the news with much pain, at that moment ARMY from all over the world consoled him, the singer found the right way to get his feelings out and say goodbye with the song 'Tonight' and donated a significant amount of food to a Korean association dedicated to animals.


On February 16, 2021, Big Hit Entertainment released the latest Curated for ARMY video, Jin added a huge piano to the room for fans to play and find his own love for music.

In addition to the instrument, Jin drew an adorable mascot that adorned the center of the place, proposed that it be called Bangtani, ARMY noted that the design was similar to some features of Jin's deceased animals.

Bangtani is white like Jjanggu and one of the sugar gliders, the ears of the new ARMY mascot are similar to those of Odeng and Eomuk, while the look is just as curious and cute as that of the 3 little animals.

ARMY thought that Jin took a characteristic that stood out from the pets and adapted them into Bangtani, he created a perfect mix to pay homage to them. The 'Dynamite' interpreter showed that he will never forget them and will always have them in his heart.

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