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Stray Kids New Program Kingdom with new looks

Stray Kids New Program Kingdom with new looks

The Stray Kids Members dazzled Kingdom viewers with a makeover that made their features look like a bad boy.

Stray Kids became one of the K-pop boy bands most followed by netizens globally due to the power of their performances, music, and great production skills.

The JYP Entertainment agency band began a new adventure as members of the Kingdom competition, this second season aimed at boy groups will share the stage with THE BOYZ, iKON, ATEEZ, SF9, and BTOB.

Stray Kids will show a different facet to what STAY knows, not only musically, but also in styles and looks. For the presentation of 'MIROH', the idols chose a change of look that made all the viewers of the program fall in love.

Popular 'Back Door' performers became fashion icons thanks to bold designs and risky combinations that marked a before and after in their K-pop career.

For the performance of 'MIROH', the singers and rappers chose a rebellious look, they all dyed their hair black and wore outfits of the same color, this gave them a striking presence during the performance. OMG!

In addition to enjoying the choreography and performances of Stray Kids, fans were fascinated by the changes in the artists' outfits, a surprise that captured the attention of the fans was that the boys danced to 'God's Menu' with SKZOO's bottarga. Owww!

STAY reacted positively to the new hair shade idols wore in Kingdom. Did you like the styles of the performers?

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