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BTS V was a victim of bullying during his student time

Bts's v was a victim of bullying during his student time

Online communities, netizens, and ARMY around the world showed V love and support after a streamer revealed that he bullied the BTS idol during high school.

In the past few days, Korean netizens started a huge movement and shared their stories about the bullying that K-pop idols allegedly inflicted on them when they were students.

On the other hand, different users of online communities uncovered the identities of people who intimidated their colleagues or forced them to carry out activities for their own benefit.

On February 22, netizens recalled the bullying story that Kim Taehyung lived through, the BTS member's attacker became a famous streamer who recounted the ways in which he bullied the idol when they were in high school.

During a live broadcast, the person explained that he saw V as his own helper, defined their relationship as 'prey and predator', and even made the comparison saying that he was the lion and Taehyung the rabbit, he used harsh language to I will refer to the star.

He added that he was feeling a bit envious now, but at no point were they friends, looking at the camera he commented that V had really achieved his purpose and recalled that the BTS vocalist used to bring snacks for everyone.

Immediately live viewers and fans of the 'Stigma' interpreter criticized the streamer's actions, left messages in the comment section, and blamed him for the incident of a birthday party in which V could not attend since the host did not give him gave the address.

Shortly after, he published an apology in which he assured that he was not responsible for the birth story, social media users were very angry with him and his attitude in disclosing the harassing actions against Taehyung.

ARMY from all over the world came together to send love to the Big Hit Entertainment artist, many were surprised to learn the hidden face of the idol and appreciated that despite his bitter experiences he continues to be an optimistic, relaxed, and loving boy with the fans.
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