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TWICE's Nayeon shared fond memories of her childhood

 Nayeon brought a dose of joy to ONCES with an adorable update, the TWICE member reminiscing about her childhood moments and making her followers fall in love.

TWICE's Nayeon shared fond memories of her childhood

K-Pop idols have many platforms to keep in touch with their followers, all these applications have gained traction now that it is impossible to meet through music events or promotions, so Nayeon took the opportunity to take a look at the past. that he shared with ONCE.

The singer published in her Bubble account a photograph of her stage as a baby, she wears a navy blue dress with a white lace collar, as well as a tender ornament on her head, but what steals the attention in this image is the adorable and big smile of the idol.

Among Nayeon's many qualities, her smile is one of ONCE's favorite gestures and this photo showed that she has had this charm since her early years.

Nayeon receives love from ONCE

After sharing the image in the app, many fans showed her love and admiration for the idol and the positive messages on social networks were immediate since the photo shows that the passage of time has only strengthened her cheerful personality. her.

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