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SKZ's Bang Chan Has Valentine's Day Plans And They're Together With STAY

SKZ's Bang Chan Has Valentine's Day Plans And They're Together With STAY

The weekend is starting and Bang Chan will meet Stray Kids fans again, however, it is a special date and the idol is ready to celebrate.

The dynamics in Chan's Room could change a bit this time because of Valentine's Day, the SKZ leader alerted his fans to get ready and enjoy his next live broadcast, noting that it is a special date. .

The idol greeted his fans with messages asking what they should do for their date this weekend, but he increased the excitement by pointing out that it will be a very romantic edition of Chan's Room, the live dynamics that he usually performs while sharing advice, adventures and some musical recommendations.

Fans react to his date with Bang Chan

Social media showed STAY's excitement for the next Chan's Room, but above all, the group's fans took the moment to joke about the way the idol raised their reunion for the weekend.

The fans reacted with joy and the memes were not lacking as they pointed out that his plans for Valentine's Day were nothing more and nothing less than a romantic date with one of his favorite idols.

The guys from Stray Kids are now part of the new CLIO campaign and Bang Chan stole sighs thanks to the look he showed in the photoshoot.

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