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ARMY celebrates 4 years of BTS's Spring Day, their most significant song

ARMY celebrates 4 years of BTS's Spring Day, their most significant song

BTS and ARMY celebrate the anniversary of “Spring Day”, a song full of meaning, successful on the charts and that has broken several records, whose MV is a message of hope and a goodbye for those who are gone.

The K-pop group BigHit has enjoyed the holidays for the celebrations of the Korean Lunar Year, in addition, they are preparing for the release of "BE Essential Edition", an album that has awakened the theories of the MV of "Fly to my room", they also commemorate the release of one of his most valuable songs of his career.

Through social networks, ARMY has trending the hashtag # 4YearsWithSpringDay, the title track of their repackage album “You Never Walk Alone”, released on February 13, 2017 and whose MV has so far registered 385 million views on YouTube. Why is it so special? This is his story.

On April 16, 2014, the Sewol ferry left for Jindo Island with 400 people on board; however, after exceeding the crew capacity, the ship suffered an accident and sank, killing 304 people. It was a tragedy that marked South Korea and Bangtan decided to pay tribute with his song three years later.


ARMY has shared several congratulatory messages to commemorate the 4th anniversary since its premiere, it is one of BTS's biggest hits and a sign that their music is the way to give comfort and convey their feelings in the face of pain.

The Spring Day records are considered unique, Gaon has never left the chart, the most important in the country, it has registered 207 weeks in the musical ranking since 2017, that is, it has been in the top for 4 years, it also meant the first entry of the K-pop group on the Billboard chart for digital sales and iTunes USA Top 10, also won the award for "Best Single" at the 2017 MAMA.

In addition to its musical success, the MV of the song was surrounded by theories for almost 4 years, it is believed that it was a symbolic tribute to the victims of the accident and a message of hope for the relatives who had to say goodbye to their children, who were Danwon High School students. Bangtan idols confirmed that they were inspired by said tragedy, in their 2020 interview with Esquire, they admitted that there is a very painful fact behind the song.

The lyrics portray the suffering of missing someone, the cold that one feels for their absence and yearns for spring days, as a synonym of happiness and of being able to meet that person again, but the wait is long during the nights and through the memories , the only wish is that someone stay by our side, a way of saying goodbye and comfort.

The MV has a special meaning, it is the representation of limbo and the transition from life to death, idols appear in different settings, a beach, a train, some tracks, while elements such as tennis shoes (which represent the emotional load and that were left on the dock by the relatives), as well as some yellow ribbons, represent the students who died that day.

There are also school bags and uniforms, which appear in melancholy scenes depicting the pain and feelings of letting go, as the group relives their happiest memories until they reach a spiritual world where they finally find peace.

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