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Jungkook portrays the power of music in the bedroom for ARMY

Jungkook portrays the power of music in the bedroom for ARMY

Bangtan Sonyeondan's voice notes continue and this time it was Jungkook who through the elements of a room sent a message to his followers about the power of music.

The members of BTS have shared on their social networks the process of decorating a bedroom designed for ARMY, little by little this site was filled with aesthetic elements and also messages that accompany the fans in their day to day, what articles added Jungkook? Here we tell you.

The idol began by remembering that when decorating his own room in BE promotions, the space was full of speakers because of the great impact that music has on his life, for that reason, Jungkook also wanted to add a set of speakers for the new design. .

I thought ARMY definitely needs a set of speakers. It can even amplify your emotions

The maknae also recommended what kind of melodies they could listen to according to each situation, for example, a happy melody with a good beat that helps them lift their spirits or a slower and darker one to face the emotions that sometimes remain. hidden. According to the singer, by amplifying their emotions they will also be able to connect with them.

Jungkook provides company to ARMY

The second element this boy added to the bedroom was a fish tank, also leaving decorative items like rocks and aquatic plants so that ARMY could have fun creating the perfect environment inside the container of water.

Jungkook thought it would be a good idea to have some company, especially since nowadays people spend a lot of time indoors and in their rooms due to the situation in the world, so in advance he brought a fish to give life and joy to the ARMY chamber.

So far, Jungkook, Suga, and RM have collaborated on the decoration of this space and we recently told you what the elements that the BTS leader added to the design mean.

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