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RM and his fascinating story as the leader of BTS

Kim Namjoon went a long way through difficult situations in order to be the leader of one of the most popular K-pop groups. He knows a little more about the BTS member's history.

RM and his fascinating story as the leader of BTS

Bangtan Sonyeondan debuted after undergoing significant changes to the official lineup and modified the K-pop group's concept, style, and final sound on several occasions.

RM acquired the place as the leader and showed his skills as a guide for a project that would later become one of the boy bands with the greatest impact and success in the global music industry.

Recently, South Korean media took a tour of the beginnings and artistic career of the rapper of the company Big Hit Entertainment. How was Namjoon's first approach to the world of Hip Hop?

BTS RM'S destiny was to be a k-pop star

When Namjoon was in elementary school he started listening to Hip Hop and combined his love for lyrics with music, later starting as an underground rapper performing lyrics about reality.

After his debut with BTS, he received a lot of hateful comments and criticism, it helped him to be an artist and a stronger and more resistant person. He presented thoughtful, deep and heartfelt songs about the perspective of young people and little by little the group achieved success.

RM channeled all of his energy and embodied an internal universe in songs that audiences of all generations identified with, not just South Korea, BTS's impact is now global. The report about the rapper specified that one of his goals is to influence ARMY in a good way, help them find his voice and use it to change what they don't like or inspire others.

The author reflected on the past and wrote that many years ago he thought a Korean artist could come to dominate the Billboard Hot 100 chart and the 'Dynamite' performers came to show him that dreams come true.

We recently told you about the influence of idols in literature, he knows the new text based on the songs of the band… BTS inspires a new psychology book.

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