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Suho celebrates his 9th anniversary as a member of EXO

EXO's Suho celebrated a new year as EXO's committed member, this is how SM agency introduced the Let's Love singer as the leader of the K-pop group.

Suho celebrates his 9th anniversary as a member of EXO

Junmyeon's leadership skills were remarkable from his student years, when he attended Whimoon High School he was appointed as the vice president of the college due to his talents and intelligence.

Suho could choose the profession that he liked the most, in the end, he leaned towards music and acting, he found great love by combining both and later he entered the SM entertainment company as a trainee.

The idol debuted with EXO, where he served as the leader, took care of and protected his fellow members in hard times, and always stood firm as a member of the group.

Exo-L Celebrated Suho's 9 Years With Exo

9 years ago, Suho was announced as an official member of EXO, EXO-L quickly observed the vocalist's gifts to lead the group and also discovered that his dealings with idols were from brothers rather than from work colleagues.

Through social media, EXO-L from all over the world created the hashtags # 9YearsWithJunmyeon and # 9YearsWithSUHO in celebration of the singer's 9th anniversary as EXO's idol.

Netizens posted videos and photos with the leader's most treasured moments, as well as the first anecdotes with EXO, solo, phrases, and images that showed his physical and artistic evolution of The Star's interpreter.

Fans thanked Junmyeon for being the backbone of EXO and shared stories about how he inspired them to go their own way and not give up in the face of trouble or difficult situations.

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