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TWICE's Tzuyu prepares Melody Project for ONCE

 Through a live show, Tzuyu shared her excitement for the upcoming music project that will show her full potential, the TWICE member will soon train on video for Melody Project.

TWICE's Tzuyu prepares Melody Project for ONCE

The members of TWICE began February 2021 with great solo or duo activities, projects that allowed them to shine with their own light and show their musical style, way of dancing, singing, and rap.

The agency JYP Entertainment has long launched the dynamic Melody Project, where the members of the girl band prepared covers of different artists in order to share their talents ONCE.

In February, Chaeyoung and Dahyun premiered their Melody Project with the retro song 'Switch To Me', apparently the next idol of the group who will surprise fans with an individual MV will be Tzuyu. Know all the details below.

Twice's tzuyu put once to the test

Through the VLive platform, the younger TWICE member organized a live audio broadcast, chatted with netizens for a bit, and revealed that she was focused on the preparations for her Melody Project.

Tzuyu commented that he had already recorded the song, although he did not say what theme it would be tared about, he explained that one of the first people who heard the audio was his mother, she congratulated her and also asked him to teach the track to all his relatives, including his aunt and brother.

ONCE wanted to know more details about the Melody Project, Tzuyu said nothing else about the song, she ended by saying that she was winking as a key gesture and stated that only smart people could see her do that.

On social media, enthusiastic fans posted messages of love and admiration for Tzuyu, who after years will finally show off her skills in a solo video clip. What song could Tzuyu perform?

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