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NCT 127 has fun talking about new album LOVEHOLIC

 As part of the promotions for the recording material 'LOVEHOLIC', the boys of NCT 127 organized a live broadcast to interact with NCTzen, the idols had fun moments and showed their good chemistry.

NCT 127 has fun talking about new album LOVEHOLIC

In February, NCT 127 released 'LOVEHOLIC', the K-pop band's second Japanese mini-album, the idols promoted with the song Gimme Gimme, the clip has already surpassed 8 million views on YouTube.

Through the TikTok platform, the idols from the SM Entertainment agency organized a live broadcast where they talked about their experience recording the new album in Japanese, their perspective on love, and shared funny moments.

The person in charge of bringing the live video was Yuta, the dancer interviewed the rest of his companions, the MC was a professional, focused, friendly, and very respectful boy. We tell you all the details below.


Mark explained that love has different forms for him, Haechan asked him if it was a triangle, the rapper answered no, it was a very round circle, then the guys in the band laughed and changed the subject.

During the live, Haechan showed his love for Taeil, the vocalist blew some kisses to his partner and he received the idol's affection with a bit of shyness. Haechan experienced funny moments, he passed a bottle to one of his colleagues and they did not see it, so he himself grabbed the item with the other hand and hid it under the table. LOL!

The guys showed Jaehyun the latest video he recorded for NCT 127's Japanese TikTok account, the 'Dear.M' actor can't help but laugh and had a good time watching the clip.

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