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J-Hope will illuminate the BBVA Tower in Mexico in honor of his birthday

 J-Hope receives all the love from ARMY on his 27th birthday, (28 in Korean age) and they decided to create a great project that will light up Mexico City in honor of the BTS rapper.

J-Hope will illuminate the BBVA Tower in Mexico in honor of his birthday

The K-pop group is preparing everything for the launch of the special edition of “BE” and the possible premiere of the MV “Fly to my room”, in addition to celebrating the Korean year, the boys and the fandom continue with another important celebration: the birth of Hoseok, who has received hashtags in his honor, gifts and various messages.

Through social media, ARMY initiated a proposal on J-Hope's birthday. Unity is a strength and as part of the celebrations for the 5th anniversary of the construction of the Torre Bancomer, one of the largest in Mexico, the company created an initiative to project messages and create a light show in the city and the fans from BTS got this gift for the idol.

From the early hours of this Wednesday, the trends in social networks were led by J-Hope, since in South Korea it is February 18, his special day, so they have shared messages, edits, photos, and videos to wish him a new year of life and remember the best moments by your side.


After accepting the challenge of generating the largest number of tweets and trending the phrase #JHopeEnLaTorreBBVA, ARMY achieved the goal and the banking company gave them an answer: they will project something related to the BTS idol tonight to celebrate his birthday.

ARMY from Mexico shared their emotion, they will be able to show their love through a light show at the BBVA Tower, the largest in the city, it is not known if they will project a purple heart, their name, a phrase or an image of J- Hope, but it will be a great promotion and birthday gift to South Korea.

Other activities that ARMY has carried out in honor of his birthday is the donation of blankets, in his hometown, some fans organized to distribute blankets for the most vulnerable people in the province in the middle of the winter season. Murals inspired by Hope World, his first mixtape and painted by ARMY of Mexico, have also been shared, as well as events in cafeterias.

In addition to the gifts and congratulations to J-Hope, ARMY de México managed to promote their special day and a project was created where the advertising screens of the Mexico City Metro will project the J-Hope ads.

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