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I.N and Bang Chan wouldn't trade Stray Kids' past for anything

 Stray Kids frontman Bang Chan and I.N decided to open their hearts and share with Stay their reflections on their past within the K-pop group and why they won't change anything.

I.N and Bang Chan wouldn't trade Stray Kids' past for anything

The idols of the agency JYP debuted after the program in collaboration with Mnet, although the boys had been selected as the new group, the members had to pass several final tests to earn their final place and Bang Chan was in charge of choosing the members.

Through an interview by Sports Seoul, Stray Kids shared reflections on their career within the K-pop group and their vision of the past, Bang Chan and IN opened their hearts and explained why they would not change anything about their career or their position within the group.

JYP idols have only been in the industry for 4 years, but they have positioned themselves as the next leaders of their generation thanks to their success, their song “Back Door” was selected as one of the best of 2020 by TIME magazine Furthermore, they are about to fight like the best of K-pop in the upcoming reality series “Road To Kingdom”.

Bang Chan And Jeongjin Share Their Reflections On The Past

In the interview, Bang Chan spoke of his experience as a leader, he had to give the vote of confidence to his teammates from the beginning, since he was in charge of selecting those who would be part of the group, since then, he has been grateful for everyone who has worked for the success of Stray Kids.

The idol said that if he had the opportunity to change the past and his position in the group he would not do it, he considers that more than repeating his role would be an opportunity to change his mistakes and improve his defects, he would take it as a new start, but without modifying anything in the story.

For his part, IN was more honest and joking and said that he loves his position within Stray Kids and would not want to change the past, especially since he is the youngest, the maknae of the group allows him to enjoy his age and his youth.

Stay has always recognized Bang Chan's role as a leader, always trying to cheer up the group and the fans.

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