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Jin complements ARMY's bedroom with a musical touch

 The BTS member showed his love for the fans and complimented the room drawing for ARMY with new items. He knows all the details of Curated for ARMY by Jin.

Jin complements ARMY's bedroom with a musical touch

As part of the upcoming release of the BE Essential Edition record material, the boys of BTS created a room specially intended for ARMY, each of the idols adding significant elements in the room.

Through Big Hit Entertainment's Twitter account, the agency posted the latest video of the dynamic, this time Jin drew some decorative items that reflected her deep love for the BTS fandom.

In the room, Kim Seokjin added a grand piano that encompassed much of the space and also drew an adorable pet. In different audios, the interpreter of 'Moon' explained the meaning of the things that he added to the clip.

What does curated for army by jin mean?

The oldest member of Bangtan Sonyeondan commented that the band is now resting and he started playing the piano to have an interesting hobby, it is an instrument that could not be missing in ARMY's room, as it brings back good memories like the song 'I Need u'.

    He thinks of good memories with us using the piano

Jin said that the puppy will be a faithful friend of ARMY who will always attract attention inside the room, the new pet has the ability to make fans feel peace and confidence, the K-pop idol hopes that the puppy will comfort them and lots of love. He proposed that they name him Bangtani.

    Tell Bangtani everything, it will be as if they are talking to us, Bangtani will come to comfort you

Curated for ARMY by BTS has the personality of the 7 singers and rappers: Suga drew a bed and Polaroid photographs, RM a bookcase and a decorative vase, Jungkook added a fish tank and speakers, Jimin a table and a clock, V a vase and a record player, J-Hope a fragrance a rug, Jin finished the design with a piano and a puppy named Bangtani.

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