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Jimin's father shows his good heart with help from BTS

 The families of BTS members are extremely proud of these idols, and thanks to the group's success, they too can contribute to society in a special way.

Jimin's father shows his good heart with help from BTS

Although kids can't meet family members very often, their schedule doesn't diminish their great connection. BTS has supported noble causes with donations and using their great reach to inspire others, but this good trait in idols' personalities was probably acquired from their family life and Jimin's father proves it.

It was recently reported that the Beautiful Store association received an album Map Of The Soul: Persona containing the autographs of the group members. This piece is now part of the WeAJa Charity Flea Market, so it will serve to raise funds from its sale.

The donation was made by Jimin's father and the resources raised through this album will be of great help to society, as they will be destined to help children from vulnerable families who have been significantly affected by the disease that affects the world today.

BTS and their role in charitable causes

The boys are in charge of transmitting valuable messages of reflection through their melodies with which many fans can identify, but in addition, they have joined important causes that impact the world.

Either through monetary donations or using their broad reach on social media, the boys of Bangtan Sonyeondan are often not silent in the face of injustices or the needs of others, inspiring their fans and collaborators.

We also recently told you that V shared with ARMY a memorable song from his childhood.

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