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NCT 127 makes fans fall in love with the madness of the Gimme Gimme MV

 NCT 127 celebrates the closing of Valentine's Day with their new MV “Gimme Gimme”, title song from their album “LOVEHOLIC” for their Japanese comeback, idols sing about the madness of love.

NCT 127 makes fans fall in love with the madness of the Gimme Gimme MV

The agency's K-pop group SM started with their first music project of 2021, the idols prepared to release their new album in Japanese language, but it is expected that during the year they will also make a comeback in Korean, debut a new sub-unit and new members.

Through their official YouTube channel, NCT 127 released their new MV “Gimme Gimme”, a song that portrays when love drives us crazy and we can't stop wanting to be next to that person. It is their promotional title for “LOVEHOLIC”, a Japanese album that was released on Valentine's Day as a gift for NCTzen.

The group is characterized by its urban and hip hop style, this song was no exception, in addition to incredible outfits, the members showed their best dance steps and their great rhymes during the video. Currently, the song has charted at # 1 on the Melon and Genie charts in the J-pop category.

NCT shows its romantic madness in gimme gimme

The Gimme Gimme MV already registers 3 million views within hours of being released, the cameras combine special transition effects between takes that combine and synchronize with the movements of the idols' choreography.

The outfits they used for the MV were some suits, made up of black pants, a white shirt and a vest or jacket of the same color, as well as leather jackets and casual outfits. “Gimme Gimme” not only shows their talent in dancing and rap, but also their beauty with close up that reveals the hair colors of some of the members such as red, blue and blonde.

NCTzen expressed their support on social media, praising the song and the rhythm, as the lyrics describe, “Gimme Gimme” is addictive, a perfect song if you are crazy in love.

In addition to enjoying NCT 127's new music, fans will also be able to see the premiere of the drama “Dear.M” starring Jaehyun, the idol will show his side as an actor.

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