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J-Hope shares the importance of memories and home

 BTS's J-Hope shares the importance of memories and home, the idol starred in the new voice memo for “BE Essential Edition” and decorated the ideal room for ARMY.

J-Hope shares the importance of memories and home

The K-pop group ended their vacation for the Korean New Year celebrations, some of the members have been active on networks or platforms such as Reverse to share messages with ARMY or update about their day to day, they also continue with the promotions of their repackage album due out this February 22

Through the official BigHit account, BTS revealed a new teaser for “BE Essential Edition”, the new version of their album with which they will celebrate their GRAMMY nomination and their # 1 Billboard. The voice memo that was posted was from J-Hope, who shared his decorations and the meaning of each item he chose for the ideal ARMY room.

The K-pop group unleashed rumors that they will release a new MV for the song “Fly to my room” after starting a project called “Curated For ARMY”, which consists of a drawing in which they have placed important elements for each one of them in order to have a place for Bangtan and ARMY, something that only they understand.

J-hope shares the importance of memories and home

The rapper and dancer par excellence of the group revealed his teaser for “BE”, J-Hope decided to place decorations that have a meaning for him and with which he can show his love to ARMY in a warm way and through memories. The post already registers more than 100,000 RT and 200,000 likes.

The first object Hoseok chose was a rug, perfect for this wintertime or when it's very cold. The idol explained that he wanted to hug ARMY and make them feel the warmth of her heart, so he chose this decoration with a heart design in order to show the love he has for his fans.

The second element of the idol were two perfumes, one for Bangtan and one for ARMY, J-Hope believes that smells are the greatest source of memories for our mind, they take a long time to fade, and it is a powerful bond between two people when you perceive certain aromas usually remember something important in your life, and he wants to relive all the memories between the group and their fans.

About the smell, the rapper clarified that the memory depends, the aroma of the perfume is different. Awwww!

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