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Rose makes history with Gone, the most anticipated solo debut

 BLACKPINK's Rose breaks her first records with her first solo album before making her official debut, the idol has created great expectations with “Gone”.

Rose makes history with Gone, the most anticipated solo debut

The K-pop group is enjoying their winter break after the celebrations of “THE SHOW”, the Korean New Year, and Rose's birthday, now it is time to focus on her solo projects and one of the most anticipated is the album of the idol, who premiered her first unreleased song during the group's virtual concert.

Through social networks, it was announced that BLACKPINK's Rose already broke her first record with “Gone”, the vocalist reached a new mark on the YouTube platform, something unprecedented because she has not even officially debuted and has not even released her first MV, but BLINK is proud of the idol's accomplishments.

Rosé's popularity is increasing and the expectation of her first album has positioned her as one of the female stars of the moment, her personal Instagram account registers more than 36 million followers, which places her among the 4 most followed idols of the platform with her fellow K-pop group members.

Rose breaks his first records with his solo debut

Although YG and Rose have given hints about the date of her debut, nothing is confirmed yet, but she is expected to do so during the first one in March. The MV for Gone has already been filmed, along with the title track. The idol was inspired by one of her favorite movies for her pre-release single.

"Gone" was released during his concert "THE SHOW", a ballad of heartbreak that explored the sweetness of his voice, the teaser that was released a few weeks ago has become the most viewed advance in the history of YouTube, it already records more With 40 million views, surpassing celebs like Rihanna, Rose's solo will undoubtedly be one of the biggest music releases of 2021.

BLINK expressed her support and congratulations to the singer on social networks, breaking records with something that has not even happened is just something that a world star can do.

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