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J-Hope arrives at the CDMX Metro to celebrate his birthday

 The Mexican ARMYS prepared a celebration in honor of J-Hope that will be shown in different parts of the country's capital, we will tell you what it is about.

J-Hope arrives at the CDMX Metro to celebrate his birthday

When a K-Pop idol celebrates his birthday, fans around the world are in charge of celebrating it on and off social media. Numerous projects take place in Seoul through posters, displays, donations, and even more elaborate projects such as thematic spots or the lighting of buildings, but recently these tokens of love have arrived outside of Korea.

Fans from various countries have worked on the planning of projects that take place around the world and this time the ARMYS in Mexico made J-Hope's birthday celebration in their country as well.

The subway system that connects to different points of Mexico City will project on their screens a video in honor of the BTS member where various fragments of MVs are shown and some achievements and qualities of J-Hope are listed.

The subway stations where the J-Hope project will be

If you are from Mexico City and want to go to see the video of the celebration in honor of Hoseok's birthday then you should bear in mind that the clip will not be available on all stations, here we tell you all the ones that will be showing the video, remember to take care of your health and take preventive measures if you go to one of these stations.

On line 1 or pink you can see the video in Balderas, Candelaria, Chapultepec, Isabel la Católica, Zaragoza, Tacubaya, San Lázaro, Salto del Agua, Merced, Observatorio, Pantitlán and Pino Suárez. While on line 2 it will be broadcast in Taxqueña, Ermita, Hidalgo, Chabacano, Zócalo, Bellas Artes, Cuatro Caminos and Tacuba.

Line 3 will receive the J-Hope clip at 10 different stations, including Zapata, Ethiopia, Guerrero, Balderas, Medical Center, University, Miguel Ángel de Quevedo, Deportivo 18 de Marzo, Hidalgo, La Raza and Indios Verdes.

The Hobi celebration will also be on line 4 through the Jamaica, Candelaria, Santa Anita, Consulado, and Morelos stations. From line 5 at Politécnico, Instituto del Petróleo, Pantitlán, and again at the Consulate, so regardless of which place you enter this station you can see it.

Line 7 or orange will have the video in Tacuba, auditorium, Tacubaya, Polanco, Mixcoac, Barranca del Muerto, El Rosario and San Joaquín. While line 8 will screen it in Constitución de 1917, Atlalilco, Bellas Artes, Chabacano, Santa Anita, Salto del Agua, San Juan de Letrán and Garibaldi-Lagunilla

Continuing with the numbering, line 9 will have the video in Chabacano, Chilpancingo, Tacubaya, Pantitlán, Jamaica, and Centro Médico. Line B will show it in San Lázaro, Guerrero, Buenavista, and Garibaldi, while Line A will be available on screens in Pantitlán.

Line 6 will only have video available at some of its crossings with other lines, so you will find it at Instituto del Petróleo y Deportivo 18 de Marzo.

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