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12 K-pop rappers who are worthy exponents of girl power

Rap is a very precious element within K-pop songs. Meet the dams that showed the industry female power with their performances and great talent. K-pop is one of the musical styles that merge different genres and sounds to form catchy songs, with a striking proposal, original and attractive choreographies for international audiences.

12 K-pop rappers who are worthy exponents of girl power

One of the elements within K-pop is rap and in the industry, there are incredible female exponents who trained for years as trainees to do complete performances in which they express their rhymes and enormous creativity. Rap requires an arduous preparation in diction, which is the ability of a person to express their ideas clearly, rhythm, mental ability, improvisation capacity, breathing techniques, and a lot of personalities.

Below, we'll show you 12 K-pop female rappers who will prove that they are more than just a pretty face and achieved worldwide recognition as dedicated idols with their art and creations. Remember, This count does not have a specific order.

K-pop rappers who demonstrated their power on the stage

1. Red Velvet's Joy

Joy is a girl prepared in singing and dancing, the plus of the K-pop idol is that she can rap in a spectacular way, in different songs of Red Velvet she showed her talent.

2. Dami from Dreamcatcher

The Dreamcatcher member drew the attention of fans thanks to her thick and unique voice that adorns all the songs of the female group. Dami is now a benchmark in rap.

3. LE From EXID

The former member of the disbanded group EXID is one of the rappers of her generation most loved and loved by the public thanks to her bad girl style with memorable raps.

4. CL

CL is one of the best known rappers in the K-pop industry, the idol is a clear proof of the talent and feminine skills in the world of South Korean rap.

5. MAMAMOO's Moonbyul

The MAMAMOO idol created a perfect balance with the rest of her bandmates, Moonbyul's style and personality made her one of the favorite rappers of K-pop fans.

6. Mimi from Oh My Girl

Mimi possesses an angelic face and natural beauty, she is able to surprise everyone with witty raps and funny rhymes that she can say quickly.

7. Hyuna

Hyuna is one of the rappers who deserve her place in this count, the idol marked a before and after in the K-pop industry with her talented and powerful girl style.

8. EXY by Cosmic Girls

EXY is one of the most complete rappers in K-pop, in addition to rap, composes, writes and sings, skills that made her stand out on Cosmic Girls.

9. TWICE's Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung became interested in rap very young and now she is one of TWICE's idols most recognized for her talents and performances.

10. Lisa From BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK's Lisa possesses a charming personality and fans of hers love her, the idol is a star on stage, besides dancing, she can rap with great ease.

11. Heize

The K-pop soloist became known for her singing and rap skills, some of her musical work gained international fame for her musical proposal.

12. Soyeon from (G) I-DLE

Before joining her as a member of (G) I-DLE, Soyeon participated in rap competitions where she demonstrated her character and her abilities for music. The idol's raps became a classic for fans.

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