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How tall are the guys from Stray Kids?

 The members of Stray Kids have perfect statures for STAY, discover some facts about the measurements of the singers and rappers of the agency JYP Entertainment.

How tall are the guys from Stray Kids?

Stray Kids is one of the K-pop boy bands with the greatest presence in the Korean entertainment industry as they possess charisma and characteristics that placed them as the favorites of the public. When the members of Stray Kids are on stage it is difficult to know exactly how tall they are and sometimes the only references are the differences in height with the rest of the idols.

Do you know how tall the Stray Kids guys are? Media reports released the measurements of the singers and rappers, shortly afterward fans discovered that the actual information varied a bit. Next, we will present the average heights of all the artists of Stray Kids, maybe your favorite member is only a few inches apart. 

1. Changbin

The member of the K-pop group is officially 1 meter 67 centimeters, although in real life his height is 1 meter 69 centimeters. WOOOW!

2. Han

The rapper from the agency JYP Entertainment is officially 1 meter 69 centimeters, this data is correct since it is Han's actual height. OMG!

3. Hyunjin

The dancer and singer has elegant and strong anatomy. Hyunjin's official height is 1 meter 79 centimeters and his actual height is 1 meter 78 centimeters. The difference is very little.

4. Seungmin

Stray Kids' Seungmin is officially 1 meter 75 centimeters, the idol from company JYP Entertainment actually stands 1 meter 77 centimeters tall.

5. Felix

Felix is ​​one of the most lovable Stray Kids members and at the same time has a bad boy side. The rapper is 1 meter 71 centimeters, the official record of the idol marks the same height.

6. Lee Know

The talented musician of the boy group Stray Kids is officially 1 meter 71 centimeters, in fact, his height is 1 meter 72 centimeters. The difference is only 1 centimeter.

7. Bang chan

The skillful frontman of Stray Kids is officially 1 meter 71 and in real life that is his height, did you think the rapper was taller or shorter in height?

8. I.N

The official height of the K-pop idol is 1 meter 72 centimeters, actually, 1 meter 70 centimeters, showing a minimal difference between the two.

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