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J-Hope celebrates his birthday full of love

 J-Hope and ARMY met virtually, everyone celebrated the BTS member's birthday with a fun party, the idol also talked about his upcoming activities.

J-Hope celebrates his birthday full of love

Each of the BTS members' birthdays is always special for ARMY, fans show their creativity, love, and affection for K-pop idols with projects, gifts, and virtual parties.

Bangtan Sonyeondan's Hoseok celebrated a new year of life with ARMY, fans from all over the world could not miss such an important day for the company rapper Big Hit Entertainment.

Through the VLive platform, J-Hope organized a live broadcast where she lived, talked, and celebrated his birthday. He also surprised netizens with valuable information about his upcoming mixtape. OMG!

j-hope revealed details of his next mixtape at his birthday party

Hobi commented that his original plan was to start the life at 11 at night, chat with the fans, and just at 12 PM to commemorate his birthday, the idol started the broadcast before midnight.

The VLive application registered some failures, users could not enter the service normally and others had the live images frozen. Soon after, everything returned to normal and the celebrations for J-Hope's birthday continued.

The BTS rapper mentioned that it had been a while since he and ARMY met, he was very happy that foreign fans congratulated him with cute messages that represented a great gift.

Hoseok explained that he is working hard on the production of his next mixtape, the celebrity did not leave his duties aside, even though it was a special day, he shared that he was busy until night. The idol revealed that he ate a delicious tteokguk and reflected on how quickly time passes:

It's already February and now it's my birthday, then it'll be the other members'

Fans asked him what he preferred, if a 5-year-old Jungkook or 5 Jungkooks, he replied that the Golden Maknae is someone precious so he chose to have a 5-year-old Jungkook.

Finally, Hoseok assured that when the broadcast will end, he would go to Weverse to read all the messages that fans left for him for his birthday. Hoseok finished the life with a delicious strawberry cake, blew out the candles and was happy. CONGRATULATIONS J-HOPE!

ARMY! Don't leave Rex Nation without knowing all the details about it... Fans celebrate J-Hope with a donation to his hometown.

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