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BTS leads Hallyu in Japan with the power of their music

BTS leads Hallyu in Japan with the power of their music

BTS is one of the most powerful exponents of Hallyu today, experts reveal why this moment is so special for K-Pop and K-Dramas within Japan.

Korean music and productions have long become popular around the world, giving way to what is known as Hallyu or the Korean Wave. This process has had several stages and according to analysts of the phenomenon, Japan is experiencing the fourth wave, since recently the consumption of content involving K-Pop and television series has increased.

The boys of BTS are part of the factors that caused the increase, since this group, K-Dramas like Crash Landing on You, and the debut of NiziU have captured the attention of the Japanese public.

BTS's music catches all kinds of audiences

One of the reasons why Bangtan Sonyeondan is creating such an impact in Japan is how easy it is to get hooked on their music. We see a clear case with Dynamite since not only K-Pop fans enjoy this melody, but it also has a positive energy that is contagious.

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