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How Zombies: Outbreak is expanded in Black Ops Cold War

 One of the great news that comes to the entire community of players of one of the most loved franchises by lovers of Activision shooters, is that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War incorporates a new expansion of the Zombies mode entitled "Outbreak", this with the arrival of its second season on February 25.

How Zombies: Outbreak is expanded in Black Ops Cold War

Something that seems quite curious to us is the fact that this time the players will immerse themselves in a war that reaches heights of madness, especially if you are a fan of the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone with the arrival of its Season 2.

New Zombies Experience: Outbreak (Launch Week)

How Zombies: Outbreak is expanded in Black Ops Cold War

The next chapter in the Dark Aether story transports the Requiem agents to the heart of Russia, where they will have to fight to survive the greatest challenges they have faced to date. The outbreak is a new full-scale Zombie experience completely unlike anything you've seen before.

While Requiem continues to lag behind in the arms race against the Omega Group, several locations in the Ural Mountains have recently become a hotbed for the dark aether. This offers new opportunities to investigate the dark aether and advance the Requiem agenda.

Together with the three agents who accompany you, you will have to carry out lethal experiments that almost no one has survived. The outbreak continues the story of the Dark Aether and takes place in gigantic game environments scattered across the Ural Mountains, bursting with new enemies, team objectives, information, and rewards that you will have to discover on foot or using vehicles and jump platforms.

Requiem agents will have to hunt down elite enemies using a tracking satellite, escort a Rover that detects dimensional portals, or face off against zombies in a confined area of ​​the dark ether. Additionally, they will need to complete these investigations in order to begin the extraction procedure.

For the more adventurous there is also the possibility of risking entering a dark ether portal that will take them to a new area with even greater rewards. More details about this large-scale Zombies experience from Treyarch will be released in a few days, as well as several detailed Outbreak guides that will cover the basics and include tips on specific objectives.

Season 2 is coming to Black Ops Cold War via an update that will take place on February 23 between 9pm and 11pm. The Warzone update will take place on February 24 between 9pm and 11pm PT. In addition to the new season of content, these updates will also include qualitative improvements and bug fixes for both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

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