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GOT7 Premieres Encore MV, Emotional Song For AHGASE

GOT7 Premieres Encore MV, Emotional Song For AHGASE

GOT7 reaffirms their promise to continue as a group and sing for their fans for a long time. Learn the story behind Encore, the new video for the idol group.

Yesterday the members of GOT7 surprised fans with the first clues about their return to the recording studio, and after posting the music video teaser for Encore, the excitement of the AHGASES took over social media. Just a few hours later the MV was released and provided an emotional moment for fans who showed their support and loyalty to the group.

The Encore video begins with Jackson in the frame as he rests on a balcony, the image is in black and white, but when the singer and rapper enters a new room to meet his fellow GOT7 members, the scene fills with color. All of them wear casual looks while we see them having fun and joking around showing their good connection, not only as a work team but as great friends.

The way the clip was filmed also causes the members' actions to be authentically perceived, revealing the genuine side of GOT7.

The meaning and achievements of Encore, GOT7's new song

The encore is an extra part that is added to the concerts and that allows idols to spend more time with their fans. The audience tends to shout this term as a sign of not wanting the show to come to an end, and GOT7 used this metaphor to show their commitment to the IGOT7s. The song was written by Jinyoung and reveals the promise the group has to their fans to remain as one team alongside fans.

The idols even included a short speech in the music video and added clips from the Keep Spinning tour to reinforce the powerful message they conveyed through the lyrics.

After a few hours after its premiere, GOT7 has made great achievements. His new YouTube channel is very close to reaching 100,000 subscribers after its recent launch, while Encore has already ranked # 1 on iTunes in 40 different countries, including the United States.

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