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ARMY celebrates J-Hope with a donation to his hometown

 The BTS fandom has shown its strength around the world and celebrated J-Hope's upcoming birthday with a gesture of solidarity in his honor.

ARMY celebrates J-Hope with a donation to his hometown

When a K-Pop idol celebrates another year of life, his fans do not miss the date, much less if it is one of the members of BTS. The power of ARMY is highlighted by amazing teamwork, not only working on the charts but also supporting worthy causes.

J-Hope is about to celebrate his 27th birthday of international age and projects in his honor have already begun. One of them was in charge of a fanbase that supported the neediest people in Gwangju in South Korea, the site of which the BTS rapper is originally from.

The in-kind donation consisted of several blankets for vulnerable people who are having difficulties due to the winter season. This is not the first time that ARMY supports this area in the country, as they have previously also provided food and health protection items.

BTS inspires others with their good hearts

The idols of Big Hit Entertainment have supported noble causes and spread positive messages using the great scope of their words today, this has motivated other people to follow in their footsteps and act for the common good, so ARMY has carried out several projects in solidarity to the most vulnerable.

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