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What awaits Donald Trump this week

After the US Congress was raided by supporters of President Donald Trump on January 6, Democratic Party politicians are taking action this week to leave office ahead of Trump's usual time.

What awaits Donald Trump this week

Trump, who lost the presidential election on November 3, will cede the post to Democrat candidate Joe Biden on January 20.

But his supporters, who believed Trump's false claims that the election results were fraudulent, at the President's call, raided the Congress building on January 6, the day Congress approved Biden as elected president. Thereupon, Democratic Party politicians announced that they will take action this week to have Trump leave the seat before January 20.

So what awaits Trump this week?

Democrats in the House of Representatives will present a bill for US Vice President Mike Pence to implement Article 25 of the US Constitution. Jamie Raskin, a Democratic member of the House, drafted a bill in which Trump was trying to change the results by putting pressure on election officials and urging his supporters to march to Congress.

Parliament is expected to speak the bill at 11 am local time in the preliminary session. However, it is stated that Republicans do not plan to attend the session.

Tuesday: Voting will be held for Article 25

The Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, said that if the Republicans did not attend the session on Monday, the House would vote on the bill in a formal session on Tuesday. In this case, the bill is expected to be adopted in the parliament with the majority of Democrats.

After this vote, Pence will have 24 hours to respond to the request.

Trump and Pence have not been talking to each other since the raid on Wednesday, White House sources told Reuters. However, it seems unlikely that Pence will take action to enforce Article 25 anyway.

Even if Pence accepts this request, at least half of the Cabinet members must also approve for Article 25.

The next stage: the impeachment process

If Pence fails to act or half of the Cabinet members do not support Article 25, Pelosi announced that the House of Representatives would act to dismiss Trump.

For this, a call has already been made on the grounds of "incitement to rebellion. More than 200 Democratic Assembly members have already announced their support for it.

For this, the parameters of discussion and voting in the House of Representatives must be determined. This is expected to find Wednesday or Thursday.

If Trump's dismissal is then decided in the House of Representatives, Trump will be the first president in US history to be dismissed twice in the House.

100 days can be expected for senate

Although it is accepted by the House of Representatives, the Senate also needs to be examined and approved for the dismissal of the president.

In December 2019, the House of Representatives decided to dismiss Trump, but then the Senate ruled that Trump was not guilty.

Two-thirds vote is required for dismissal in the Senate. In other words, the votes of the Democrats, whose number is 50 in the Senate, are not enough; The support of at least 17 Republican senators will also be sought. To date, only two Republican senators, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Ben Sasse of Nebraska, have signaled they can support this.

However, this whole process is not expected to be completed until 19 January. In this case, the dismissal process can work after Biden takes over, but this will only have symbolic significance.

In this case, the Senate, which has the task of approving the ministers that Biden will choose in the first weeks or the policies to combat the Covid-19 outbreak, may instead be busy with the impeachment process.

Considering this possibility, Democrats announced that they can wait for Biden to complete the first 100 days after the decision of dismissal in the House of Representatives and then the dismissal process can be moved to the Senate.

If the impeachment process is completed months after Trump leaves the White House, Trump may also be banned from holding public office from now on.

25 cases opened

After the Congressional crackdown on January 6, which killed five people, including one police officer, Jason Crow, a member of the House Armed Forces Committee, announced that Ryan McCarthy, US Land Forces Secretary General, had told him that at least 25 "terrorism cases" had been opened. Accordingly, McCarthy said that "there were some possible terrorist threats and that the Pentagon evaluated them" during the handover ceremony on January 20 and the process leading up to January 20.

Donald Trump announced a few days ago that he would not attend the handover ceremony on January 20. Trump, who is expected to leave the White House and move to his Florida home until January 19, will be replaced by his deputy Pence.

Meanwhile, Republican Mayor Arnold Schwarzenegger of the state of California called Trump "the worst president ever". In his message, Schwarzenegger likened it to the Crystal Night, in which the events of the Congress in 1938, when the Nazis entered and damaged the property of Jews in Germany.

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