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Israel become the world leader in the vaccine race

How did Israel become the world leader in the vaccine race, will the vaccine be shared with the Palestinians?

Israel become the world leader in the vaccine race

Israel is by far the world leader in the vaccine race, although it has put new restrictions in place due to the new mutation with increased contagion.

As of the first week of January, more than 15 percent of the country's population was vaccinated.

So much so that even the young population began to wait in line for vaccination.

Vaccination in Israel started on December 19 with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. As of the first week of January, more than 1.5 million people were vaccinated in the country of 9.3 million.

Israel's success in the vaccine race is listed in four categories. Early ordering, digital execution of distribution, widening the supply chain and paying for the vaccine above the market.

Israel had completed negotiations for the Biontech and Moderna vaccines months before they were approved. Although the details are not disclosed, it is known that the BionTech vaccine, which was evaluated to receive approximately 4 million doses in the first place, was paid above the market value.

Speaking to Israeli media in exchange for anonymity, a Ministry of Health official said that $ 62 was paid for the vaccine.

The USA bought this vaccine for $ 19.50.

Israel Katz, Israeli Finance Minister, argued that this higher price was necessary due to competition with other countries.

Joel Greenberg of the BBC Monitoring Service in Jerusalem also underlines the importance of Israel's being a small country and the health system being prepared for mass vaccination.

Speaking by the BBC Turkish, Greenberg says that there is a domestic debate on the issue of giving the vaccine to Filicitins:

"Israeli officials do not talk about a 'must' state. But they say that if they have too many vaccines they will be happy to give them. Israel will of course also help the Palestinian side to get vaccines from the world. But there is no official commitment statement to give vaccines available.

'If you're keeping me occupied, you have to meet your vaccination need'

Greenberg says it was written that "Israel must provide vaccines to Palestinians under international law and ethically," citing an editorial in the liberal newspaper Haaretz.

Speaking by BBC Turkish, Dr. Referring to the Geneva Convention, Mohammed abu Rayya argues that the responsibility for vaccinating the Palestinians lies with Israel:

"If you are keeping me occupied, it requires you (Israel) to meet basic needs such as health, food, water and communication. If you put yourself in the position of controlling all the people in the area, you must meet your basic needs. Vaccination is what is needed right now."

The first vaccines are expected to arrive in Palestine through COVAX, an initiative launched by Russia and the World Health Organization for poor countries in February.

Joel Greenberg says that the vaccination of Palestinians is also a public health issue for this country, given that there are workers in Israel.

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