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Zinnia Network  aims to make blockchain technology more accessible and affordable for everyone, so they can benefit from its superior security and governance. By using Zinnia's decentralized file storage, individuals and companies can securely store and create irrefutable proof of their important documents, pictures, conversations, receipts, and creative work. With Zinnia, users will be able to embrace new technology that protects and enhances their freedom like never before. Companies will be able to build decentralized applications profitably.

 What is Navigator?

The Zinnia Networks block explorer is called "Navigator." It is designed to provide users with easy access to network data through a user-friendly interface with multiple search options. This guide will walk you through the Navigator, starting with an explanation of what a block explorer is. 

A block explorer is a tool that allows you to view the history of transactions on a blockchain. It is like a search engine for blockchains, where you can see information about on-chain transactions, mining, voting and other statistics. You can use it to check the status of a transaction, view block details like difficulty and reward, find information about staking, and see exchange rates and supply. The Navigator is a specific block explorer for the Zinnia Network, it has a homepage with a search bar, toggle for basic or advanced view, recent blocks and recent transactions. You can enter a transaction hash or wallet address to find specific information, or click on links for further details about blocks and transactions.

  • Navigator makes searching for transactions and cryptocurrency addresses simple.
  • The platform has a user-friendly interface that is easy for beginners to navigate, making it accessible to find the various features.
  • Navigator offers a variety of on-chain information that is readily available. This includes data on user activity, transactions, and the largest holders of ZINN assets.

Using Navigator is easy, and this guide will teach you how to take advantage of its basic features. You will learn how to find transactions, token addresses, validator leaderboards, and more. The Navigator homepage menu is divided into four main categories: Home, Blockchain, Validators, Tokens, Resources, and More.


Writed by : KayGNight#8818

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