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DeSons Of Gods NFT now Available on OpenSea!

DeSons Of Gods is a collection of hand drawn non-generative NFT by The Ventures Inc , available on OpenSea



Many milestones have already been reached, including a Genesis DeSons Of Gods NFT collection on Opensea which has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding for the project. 

Since 20 NFTs will be minted in total for this collection, only a few hundred players will ever be in a position to compete in the most exclusive DeSons Of Gods All-Stars Tournaments, which will run for a 3 month period.


  1. Contract Address - 0x2953399124F0cBB46d2CbACD8A89cF0599974963
  2. Token Standard  - ERC-721
  3. Blockchain - Polygon


Q&A  DeSons Of Gods NFT

  • How many pieces are there in the DeSons Of Gods NFT collection?

fixed number yet. I will produce as long as I possibly can produce.


  •  What’s the future of DeSons Of Gods NFT?

 A LOT! DeSons Of Gods can be your family, best friend, lover, savior of your identity crisis, someone you can talk to 24/7, certification of DeSons Of Gods community. Perhaps one day gets auctioned at Christie’s or/and Sotheby’s who knows. They said never say never.


  • What is it made of?

 It’s made of love, adding my blood, sweat, and tears. You can now purchase your DeSons Of Gods NFT of your choice at OpenSea!

To stay connected to the latest developments and be part of a visionary community that’s determined to revolutionize gaming, be sure that you’re following DeSons Of Gods on Twitter and Discord.

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