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Jungkook's feelings for the new version of Dis-ease

Jungkook's feelings for the new version of Dis-ease

 BTS's Jungkook reveals an unreleased version of “Dis-ease” and sparks new theories among fans about a possible mixtape. Will there be a second part of 'BE'?

The K-pop group from the agency BigHit Entertainment continues to enjoy their break, although they have several promotions coming up for the special edition of “BE” and the upcoming GRAMMY Awards. The boys will be participating in a Korean documentary and will premiere their own Talk Show in late March.


Through the Reverse platform, Jungkook decided to surprise ARMY with a new post. This time it wasn't about his blue hair, but about his music. The idol shared an unreleased version of “Dis-ease” in English, the song “BE” and ARMY unleashed the theories on social media. They also showed their euphoria at hearing his solo voice.

Bangtan got very involved in this album which they released as a hope to face the world situation. The lyrics for “Dis-ease” were composed by J-Hope, but Jimin and RM also participated.


However, it seems that Jungkook also participated in the songwriting of “BE”. The idol created a bridge (demo) and decided to share it with ARMY, who speculated on the second part of this single.

The rap and hip hop track has become an ARMY favorite, but Jungkook's new version shows changes in lyrics and rhythm. BTS's maknae showcased the power of his voice with incredible high notes throughout the song that confirms his full solo potential, plus he performed it entirely in English.

Although the idol did not confirm if it was a type of remix, the file was registered as “JK Dis-ease 2”, ARMY thinks that there could be a second part or it could be part of his mixtape.

BTS's musical talents are ARMY's delight, but not all of their accomplishments are in singing, recently V and Jimin celebrated their graduation from Global Cyber University.

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