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V shares with ARMY the importance of music and disorder

V shares with ARMY the importance of music and disorder

BTS's V is the next one in charge of decorating ARMY's room for “Fly to my room”, the idol placed two important objects for him with great meaning.

The K-pop group enjoyed their holidays for the lunar new year celebrations in South Korea, but they are a week away from the release of their special edition of “BE”, an album that could premiere the MV of “Fly to my room”, so the boys decided to draw a room where ARMY spends their days and they became the designers.

Through the official BigHit account, BTS revealed a new note from the project “Curated for ARMY”, which consists of decorating the ideal room for fans with elements that they placed in it, because behind each decoration or furniture there is a special meaning. V starred in the new voice memo and shared the importance of music and flowers.

Although it is not a comeback as such, the group wants to celebrate their hits at # 1 on Billboard, as well as their GRAMMY nomination for "Dynamite", the special edition will have the same content, just some unreleased gifts, ARMY hopes that the new MV is for “Fly to my room” due to the clues they have revealed.

V reveals the importance of music

In ARMY's room, Taehyung decided to color a vinyl player, considers that music is something important because of the feelings it causes, so he believes that an old player is an ideal element to share emotions with others through songs they listen to.

He also recommended some pieces like jazz by Sammy Davis or the great Frank Sinatra. Another of the decorations that V wanted to include, and that is part of his home, is a vase, although he admits that it is not something flashy or colorful, this article draws attention and can go on the table that Jimin placed.

The vase may have some plants, it does not matter if they are not in order, V considers that the disorder is also beautiful, it is just about following your heart and leaving behind whatever weighs on you.

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