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SEVENTEEN Celebrates Carat's Birthday With Special Song

SEVENTEEN Celebrates Carat's Birthday With Special Song

SEVENTEEN celebrates Carat Day and gives their fans a very special birthday song, the group celebrated the fifth anniversary of their fandom in the middle of Valentine's Day.

The idols of Pledis Entertainment enjoyed the holiday for the Korean New Year celebrations. After the success of their album “Semicolon” ​​and their first appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, the group decided to celebrate a very important date in their career: the birth of Carat.

In K-pop it is customary to give the fandom a meaningful title, it can be related to the name of the group, their music or something meaningful to them. In this 2021, SEVENTEEN celebrates the 5 anniversary of Carat, the people who have accompanied them throughout their career and decided to give them a very special gift.

In the middle of Valentine's Day, although in South Korea it is already February 15, the idols revealed their new song titled “Happy Birthday”, which already registers more than 200 thousand reproductions, the members also shared some letters and birthday messages for the girls. fans through their JYP messaging app.

Seventeen sings happy birthday to Carat

The Valentine's gift for Carat was created between the group and the fans, who participated in a dynamic through the VLive platform, the lyrics were also composed by Woozi, one of the main lyricists of the group.

The lyrics describe the feeling of union between Carat and SEVENTEEN, the K-pop group assured that the happiness of their fans is also theirs and thanks to them for being born, they also promised that in difficult times they will always be there for each other.

The name Carat comes from the word “carat”, the measure used to measure the value of jewels, precious stones, and gold, SEVENTEEN chose this name for their fandom because they believe that thanks to the fans they will shine like diamond more pure and valuable. Awwww!

Carat thanked the gift on social networks and expressed their feelings, the literal translation of the Korean lyrics is “Thank you for being born”, the song is a ballad that shows the great vocal talent of its members.

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