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Suga confesses that he almost fell in love with J-Hope for this reason

 J-Hope is an artist with many talents and Suga reflected on the charisma and charms of his bandmate, this is how the rapper explained the gift Hoseok has for making the hearts of those around him fall in love.

Suga confesses that he almost fell in love with J-Hope for this reason

Suga and J-Hope have similar tastes, hobbies, and hobbies that unite them as friends, they lived unforgettable moments before Bangtan Sonyeondan's debut, and their careers made their relationships stronger.

Recently, the Big Hit Entertainment company published the 129th episode of the show Run BTS !, the singers and rappers of 'Black Swan' faced fun games that showed their physical abilities.

One of the dynamics consisted of preparing for a tennis match, a sport that requires deep concentration and the use of all the senses. During the competition, Suga confessed that he can't help but fall in love with J-Hope.


The BTS boys received some tennis lessons from two top South Korean high-performance athletes, at the end of the training they thanked the time they spent together and commented that they would prepare even more.

Suga confessed that he has a lot of respect and admiration for tennis players, throughout the class he recalled the multiple awards, trophies, and medals that J-Hope won in the past for being a skilled tennis player.

The 'Tony Montana rapper commented that he almost fell in love with Hoseok because of his excellent technique as a sportsman, the other Bangtan Sonyeondan members clapped and RM gave J-Hope a pat on the back.

Suga added to his list of things that make Hobi unique his ability to move around the court, move around, hit the ball, and respond to the other player's attacks. What do you think of the talent of the interpreter of 'Dynamite'?

It seems that time does not pass by Yoongi, the K-pop idol seems just as young as in his debut period, we invite you to visit: Suga makes ARMY fall in love with his beauty and eternal youth.

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