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Paty Cantú plays Cupid for herself and invites Juanpa Zurita to a private dinner

Paty Cantú plays Cupid for herself and invites Juanpa Zurita to a private dinner

Go that Cupido's arrows are hovering with the next arrival of Valentine's Day and for example is the shipped that has taken place between the Mexican influencer Juanpa Zurita and the singer from Guadalajara Paty Cantú. And it is that the young people, who began their flirtation during their participation in the television program Who is the mask 2020, apparently are trying to bring that romance to real life.

And it is that at the time the instagramer Juanpa Zurita was the one who asked Paty through social networks to make a photo together that he photoshopped (putting his face on the body of a person who poses as the artist) and an exit, However, the surprise was taken by Juanpa on Friday night when the interpreter of Corazón bipolar took the initiative and invited him to dinner, according to the publications that both have shared about their private dinner.

Through their Instagram stories, you can see the private evening they had on Friday night in what appears to be the home of the former member of the duet Lu. In fact, through those same publications, Juanpa explains that he had been pleasantly surprised because everything came from his beautiful companion.

Today we are visiting a place that I have never seen before. Here the dishes here is food and there is Patyyyyy. The only difference is that she invited me to dinner, she was not the other way around, but look, I'm delighted. Thank you very much, "Juanpa explained in his story.

For her part, the girl who played the character of Raccoon in the television dance show answered the following.

Thank you is that you know how to recognize a woman in 2021, "said Cantú, to which Juanpa said that the next one is on his own, but that it will be cheaper. Obviously, his companion responded with a nervous laugh," Of course, because you are to throw off the plane ".

Through her Instagram stories Patricia Giovanna Cantú Velasco, artistically known as Paty Cantú, also shared Zurita's publications but added comments such as "you put the plan and I put the dinner! Baby raccoon style", and in the second where Juanpa mentions the following quote Cantú wrote in his comment, "YES I'm going to jump ... Notice my nervous and cynical giggle at the end hahaha".

In the short videos, you can also see the moments that the video game creator and friend of the influencer and singer Lele Pons lived with Paty's tender puppy called The Hamsterlicious. The pet obviously behaved very charmingly with the guest who was caressing him while the hostess was preparing with the details of the evening.

In addition, the 37-year-old artist included one more story in which she mentions that she is thinking about the parachute and dedicating "yes I can hate you, someone, in my mind hahaha", in reference to her new single but also because of the fear that It makes us think of a date aboard a parachute, one of the activities that 24-year-old Juanpa Zurita likes to do.

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