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How to play Minecraft for free from your internet browser

How to play Minecraft for free from your internet browser

Since the anniversary of Minecraft in 2019, a unique surprise came to us from the Mojang team is that now it is allowed to play the game completely free from the browser, without having to download anything or install extensions, just access the classic page and enter a nickname to play.

Now, the version of Minecraft that you can access is the original from 2009, where there are no updates that have been added after its release in that year, so it may be strange if you are too familiar with the most recent version of the sandbox genre video game.

Here you will only have 32 types of blocks and a primitive interface, in addition, according to Mojang it has even the original bugs. On the other hand, you have access to the multiplayer that has space for up to 9 participants, so it can be a good option to hang out with your friends who are feeling nostalgic.

If you have never played Minecraft and are curious to know why this game is one of the best sellers, in addition to having a large number of players, it is likely that you will end up falling in love, since unlike its latest version, The 2009 copy is much easier to understand and does not require much effort on the part of the player other than to exploit their creativity.

How to play Minecraft for free from your internet browser

This is not the only classic game that can be played completely in the browser as there is also the Celeste Classic, which is the original version of the independent video game of the same name, which each level is very challenging and we highly recommend for all those players who love free stuff.

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