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Jungkook gives J-Hope one of his best works of art

 Jungkook celebrated BTS's J-Hope's birthday with an amazing very realistic drawing of the idol, the Golden Maknae surprised fans and his bandmate with his artistic abilities.

Jungkook gives J-Hope one of his best works of art

On February 18, ARMY celebrated Hoseok's birthday. Through VLive, the idol made a live broadcast, although the platform failed for a while, nothing prevented the fandom from celebrating another year of the rapper's life.

BTS fans organized different international projects to give to J-Hope, even the image of him adorned several subway lines in Mexico City, one of the most used transports in the Aztec territory.

Huobi's classmates wanted to give him something that showed his love, loyalty, affection, and admiration for the interpreter and Jungkook found the perfect way to celebrate his colleague's birthday.

Jungkook is famous for his multiple abilities and talents, one of them is drawing, the minor singer of the K-pop group is able to draw beautiful landscapes, make portraits or create adorable characters.


Jungkook gives J-Hope one of his best works of art

Through Twitter and Reverse, Jungkook published the drawings he made of J-Hope, the Golden Maknae took inspiration from the individual teasers for the English single 'Dynamite', to the work he gave a classic style in black and white colors.

In the description, the 'Begin' performer wished Hoseok a happy birthday, added the hashtag #HobyBdayCongrats, and also made a fun pun in Korean 'Seoksam, raccoon, squid' is a way of counting from the number 3 to 5.

On Twitter, Jungkook's drawing to celebrate Hobi accumulated more than 700 thousand likes in less than 1 hour after its publication, this demonstrated the power and influence that idols have on the Internet.

It is not the first that the Golden Maknae shows his talent in drawing, a few years ago the vocalist gave the rapper some personalized tennis shoes where he captured all of his personality with cheerful colors and funny symbols such as happy faces, stars, and decorations.

In Rex Nation we tell you the occasion that the BTS vocalist reflected his anatomy in one of his creations, he knows all the details in ... Jungkook shows how proud he is of his body with a drawing.

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